Something special for you

Art work by Hany Antoninova with healing effects.


Unique cards through that food can heal.

These cards can show reading of personal human beeing. Healing via these cards eludes any other established “norms”of card work because due to its vibration it exceeds lower lights levels of so called Tarot cards whose original vibration effect correspondence to a galaxy that is already far from vibration reach of the Earth due to the quantum jump of our planet.

These special cards are in Czech-English version.

Motto of the cards

Everything you do, do with a good intention. Do good and alongside doing good protect yourself – do only what is asked from you. That is the path to your inner peace.

Do you have an unpleasant mather-in-law? Read your affirmation cards so that you know what sort of menu you should server when she comes for a visit🤗

Follow your own ❤️ intuition. All conflicts between the reason and the heart will be appraised by your intuition…

Card No. 14

Step out of the vicious cycle. Not all cycles that close up connect the end and the beginning…

Card No. 60

If you WISH to find your own ❤️ harmony, find first of all a wish of your soul. It is often very different from a wish 😉 of your mind….

Card No. 23

Aquarius affirmation cards by Hany Antoninova. Price is 120 USD.

Let’s make something for yourself. Check my healing ❤️ paintings

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