Dear friends of healing paintings,

in the mean time we are creating universal healing paintings that help people according to their current needs. During this fulfilling work I use my visions that are shown to me in the inspirational meditation and I record, via colors, these individual pictures – recordings of human souls memory field from the time of the unity with their core essence, into each composition. They are fragments removed form memory of the universal Love that is why all are positively oriented. In the memory of the universal Love all recordings are of the positive substance. In this way human soul it self connects to its Love record field and the synthesis of colors in the matter, that is an energetic picture of this record, helps it heal itself through remembering its own time of contentment, happiness and fulfillment.

Hany Antoninova

Painting synthesis

Painting synthesis is a fusion of themes and motives.

The content is concrete and abstract in the same time, it enables mirroring of one’s own state – one’s projection into the matter, that is why a person can see a momentarily reflection of their own existence while looking at a healing painting.

Paintings are created with acrylic paints.