Healing effect

How I create paintings

Healing paintings of Hany Antoninova is a living galactic picture synthesis of information. This information is experiences of human souls from the universal Love memory record. Galactic paintings made in this way are protective and highly healing. When placed in a room they literally change the environment in a tangible way with their intense acrylic colors. They bring harmony and wholeness, especially due to their volume.

These paintings capture all images of a displayed recording across all parallel worlds, they contain information about a displayed moment and about a specific galactic space simultaneously in all realities – spiritual, astral, mental and physical. That is why they are themselves very spatial and multidimensional. During their detailed examining they each time show new information – they become an aura mirror because they have also a wide spiritual dimension.

How paintings heal

The healing paintings – quantum paintings are unique and live healing paintings whose healing element is the power of quantum energy. Quantum energy impulses get, due to a color vibration, into the deepest recordings of a soul where they heal and change burdening records. Quantum paintings work in a blanket manner and they are responsive to everything that happens in a room, flat or a house where a painting is placed. Healing is done according to specific needs of the owner of the paintings automatically or through direct connection to the painting in case of conscious need. Quantum paintings are “readers” of information. During direct connection to the quantum painting field the information of the healed person’s aura field is scanned (in most cases it is the owner of the painting, if the painting is not encoded, for example, for a group of people) and the given individual is being healed via quantum color vibration. The healed person enters a meditative state when burdening energies from subtle bodies are released and consciousness reposes. Ether healing via color takes place according to the Deep harmonization methodology. The whole process lasts intensively 1 – 1,5 hours. Relaxation regime is recommended afterwards (min. 12 hours).

Basic spheres of quantum paintings healing effect are: abundance, protection, relationships, health.

Basic motives of galactic paintings are love, music and dance. They are natural expressive means of a human soul.

Paintings are encoded to reinforce their effects by their direct illumination (LED lighting is excellent). Quantum paintings effect is permanent. They are created via constant quantum energy that is permanently active, it charges and brings everything and everyone close to its emitter into harmony.

About methodology